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He arrived in Sumatra in present-day Aceh. Death stared us in the face and the passengers jettisoned [tossed overboard] all that they possessed and [said their farewells] to one another. Hindus and polytheistic Africans, on the other hand, were considered uncivilized and not worth studying.

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The Rihlah of Ibn Battuta, while not widely known in Muslim literary circles until the twentieth century, circulated among learned folk in North Africa, West Africa, and in Egypt, where it was copied and preserved in numerous libraries.

Once established, the Muslim neighborhoods needed judges, scribes people who could writeteachers, religious leaders, and businessmen. He quit his job as qadi, but he really would have been fired.

Ibn Battuta Travels: Going eastward to Malaysia and Sumatra

Muslim Berber traders who crossed the Sahara Desert from the north brought copper and salt from mines in the Sahara, as well as luxury products from the North African coast. Literary context Ibn Battuta is among the best-traveled of medieval writers, but he is not the most famous to Western readers.

When it became time to cross the mountain range Hindu Kush, Battuta opted for the route that goes through the Khawak Pass at 13, ft above sea level an altitude of nearly 4, meters. But his request was denied.

Silk is used for clothing even by poor monks and beggars. He had traveled for about 30 years and more then 75, miles had been explored, he also managed to meet sixty different Islamic rulers. Only to visit the Muslim world.

His penultimate trip was deep inside Africa, visiting Mali and Timbuktu, where he discovered that local merchants relied on salt and gold to acquire wealth. Travels in Asia and Africa,translated and selected by Robert M. C mandated by Zhou courts p.

The fourth was a war ship which carried soldiers to defend them against attack from pirates. But Ibn Battuta's luck continued to be bad.

Ibn Battuta

Prominent historical figures in Chinese history were foreigners assimilated into the cultural practices of China. By now, he tells us, he had taken the resolve never to cover the same ground twice, as far as possible.

That honor goes to Marco Polothe Venetian whose voyages to India and China stimulated the European imagination from the fourteenth century on. Chughtai, Silk Road Foundation silk-road. What shall I say about you before the Sultans. The Jews went out with their book of the law and the Christians with the Gospel These travels have been ransacked by historians and geographers, but no estimate of his work is even faintly satisfactory which does not bear in mind that it is first and foremost a human diary, in which the tale of facts is subordinated to the interests and preoccupations of the diarist and his audience.

Instead of going to India, he revisited Egypt, Palestine and Syria, before going to Anatolia by boat. Below is an essay on "Marco Polo & Ibn Battuta" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

iven the difficulties and dangers of traveling in the 13th and 14th centuries, most people on the Eurasian landmass lived and died very close to where they were born without ever venturing very far from home.[1].

Sources Ibn Battuta began his incredible journey in at the age of He had received a good education before leaving home and planned to broaden his education through his travel. He left Morocco and traveled through much of Northern Africa and the Middle East.

While in China, Ibn Battuta visited cities such as Beijing, Hangzhou, and Guangzhou. He traveled on the Grand Canal, visited the Great Wall of China, and met with the Mongol Khan who ruled China.


After spending over a year in China, Ibn Battuta decided to head home to Morocco. Ibn Battuta considered the cosmopolitan tendencies within the civilization of Islam as his key theme especially in his writing at the expense of the great cultural diversity among Muslims though the successful adaptability of Islamic to the local culture patterns was.

Download file to see previous pages The women had not been used to wear shirts which irritated Ibn Batuta. As a Qazi, he tried to change this custom but could not succeed. Moreover, daily antiquates and manners showed that they were considered inferior as compared to male members of the society3.

Ibn Battuta may be one of the most unmarked travels of his clip. It is said that he traveled over stat mis in his life clip. He was a really good educated Muslim and bookman.

Ibn battuta in china essay
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